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Senin, 04 Juli 2011

President Barack Obama Raises Hope For Bali Tourism

Planned visit of US President Barack Obama has given confidence to Bali tourism. President Barack Obama is expected to boost Bali tourism and improve image of island among US tourists.

Tanah Lot Temple on Bali island
Terror attacks in Bali that killed more than 200 people including tourists from United States, Australia and several other countries was the biggest blow for Bali tourism. Since then tourist arrivals started to decline. Bali has only recently managed to get back to tourist numbers pre terror attacks in 2002.

Bali sees East Asia Summit and the visit of US President Barack Obama as a great opportunity to improve its image. Bali wants to change the perception of American tourists. Although Julia Roberts starer movie Eat, Pray, Love did increased US tourist arrivals in Bali, still large number of tourists from USA are not ready to travel Bali.

For Bali hosting some of the top World Leaders including US President is great opportunity to showcase the island to the world. Bali is also seeing it as a opportunity to change the mindset of Western Media about the island. In past few months US Media has been very critical of Bali as a tourism destination. Therefore preparations are being done to showcase Bali as the best way possible during the summit.

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