Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

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Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Angklung So the World Cultural Heritage in November

Bandung (ANTARA) - Traditional music Angklung Instrument will be confirmed as one of the world cultural heritage or a "World Intangible Heritage" by UNESCO in November 2010

He said, with a patented angklung by UNESCO as world
cultural heritage, then there will be no other countries who claim (claim) angklung.

In addition to the security and angklung recognition as world cultural heritage, will also be impacted economically.

Angklung crafters will benefit by getting many orders angklung from within and outside the country.

Justin Bieber Hitting Small Child

According to reports, the singer of the song "Somebody to Love" - which held a show in Vancouver on Tuesday (12/10) - arrived in the entourage of 14 people in the place. Staff members told the CBC that the star was followed on and were targeted during the game

TMZ stated Justin - who were photographed at the center on Friday (15/10) - bullied and ridiculed.

A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told UsMagazine.com, "On Friday, around 17:30 local time, we received reports that a boy who allegedly attacked 12-year-old at entertainment venues in Richmond. The little boy suffered minor injuries and not required treatment. We will continue the investigation. "

No other details released today, the police spokesman said

Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

Kanye West Plans Sale Nude Photos

 Rapper Kanye West's half-naked photographs herself, then sent on a number of women, and now the pictures were sold.
According RadarOnline, as quoted by Showbiz Spy, one of the photos show naked breasts West. He wore sunglasses and gold chains. Meanwhile, the second photo shows the West exposed genitals through his pants.

"These photos have spread ever since he got the attention of many women on MySpace. He might send it to many women," said a source.

West recently admitted intend nude photos as part of his desire to break the rules of hip-hop.

"Like Bjork, if she wanted to nude photos, you'll say, 'Oh, that's Bjork." If I want to nude photos, people will attract all kinds of things. I really feel, even though many years later, when I worked for two years, I would be nude photos, "said West

Swiss dig longest tunnel

The workers dug tunnels in Sedrun, Switzerland, cheered happily as he lit fireworks. They celebrated the successful drilling of the last Gotthard Base Tunnel, the longest tunnel construction project in the world. Excitement that happens on Friday, October 15 last, when the giant drill bit broke through the last layer.

The length of the tunnel is about 57 kilometers. Cost about U.S. $ 10 billion or around Rp90 trillion, the Gotthard Base Tunnel will link high-speed railway network in Europe and scheduled to be operational by 2017 to come.

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

10 Indonesian Film will be show in Denmark

Garin Nugroho, Indonesia and nine films selected present at the Indonesian Film Festival that was held Embassy in Copenhagen in collaboration with Art Consultant / Festival Director Torsten Hvas, Danish Film Institute, Danish Center for Cultural Development

Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark, Abdul Rahman Saleh said in his speech said the Indonesian film festival that was held the first time aims to introduce the film Indonesia's rapid development in Denmark. In addition, while Indonesia's cultural diversity is reflected in the choice of films to be broadcast.
n Addition to the above two films, the films selected from Various genres That aired During the two weeks since May. 6 Including  "Opera Jawa" . "Perempuan punya Cerita" . "The Blue Generation" . "Pintu Terlarang" . "Arisan" . QUICKY EXPRESS and JANJI JONI

Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Lindsay Lohan Trying to Escape From Rehab Center

Lindsay Lohan once again acting up. Even this time the actress has not stopped the action when he was in rehab. This time, Lohan
trying to escape from the Betty Ford Centre for the can of soda!

Lindsay Lohan once again acting up. Even this time the actress has not stopped the action when he was in rehab. This time, Lohan tried to get away from the Betty Ford Centre for the can of soda!

According RadarOnline.com, girl trouble-maker was caught while trying to escape from Betty Ford, Rancho Mirage, California, with one other patient.

When asked, it turns out Lohan tried to reach the Eisenhower Medical Center, which is not far away, so he could get his favorite can of soda, Coca Cola, from a machine.

Lohan was almost successful, but is hampered because of his clothing caught in the fence. "Linsday and 'co-conspiracy' were forced to surrender and they were brought down by a volunteer who is across the field that rehab center with a golf cart," said a reliable source.

A pair of young men back in good condition, in-dekafeinasi, and must attend the meeting which will discuss their works.

At the Betty Ford rehabilitation center where Lohan is trying to cure drug and alcohol dependence is indeed no canned beverage vending machine, because it's a few luxuries such as caffeine, telephone, and television is strictly prohibited

Brad Pitt House

 New homes often require the owner to adapt over time to really 'mengenal'nya. Recently, Brad Pitt experienced the same thing when he had forgotten his new home in Budapest.

This happened when he tried to return home after leaving for several affairs. Motorhome F800nya new BMW, Pitt turned toward a house he thought was his temporary home in Hungary.

Pitt was then looks confused when he was not allowed to enter. Fortunately, there is a photographer who 'save'. This photographer approached her and told lover Angelina Jolie is that her house was located a few houses after that.

It's known, Pitt himself had just moved to Hungary following the mother of 6 children who will become director of the film is set during the Bosnian war.

Apparently the paparazzi is useful too huh?

Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Matt Lanter fails so Edward cullen

Matt Lanter is much loved in the 90210 girls apparently still not looking for a producer Twilight Saga, who was looking for actors for the character Edward Cullen.

When the show on the Hallmark TV channel to show "Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer", Monday (11/10), Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, host of the show, Matt asked, "Have you ever tried to 'Twilight'? For the role as Edward Cullen? "

"Yes, actually I've tried," Matt replied.

So, why the 27-year-old actor who had failed to get a handsome role eventually won by Robert Pattinson is?

"Yes, he said I was not 'quite handsome and charming'," explains Matt.

According to Alexis Stewart, was also host of the show was, "You're much more handsome than him (Robert Pattinson), perhaps because of it you do not get that role." what about you?

sumber : http://id.omg.yahoo.com/news/matt-lanter-pernah-ikut-audisi-quottwilightquot-tapi-gagal-karena-quotkurang-cakepquot-ryx5-48806.html

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Baby Born from Frozen Embryos 20 Years

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW YORK - In the United States, a 42-year-old woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Babies born from embryos frozen for almost twenty years. Unprecedented birth of a child from embryos frozen for so long. So the magazine Fertility and Sterility Monday (11/10).

Babies born in May last. The Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk to handle this case. Doctor Sergio Oehninger has over ten years of caring for the mothers who experience infertility.

Frozen embryos nineteen years and seven months produced another couple who do not want to be named, and stored at the institute.

Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Francois "Kalau Saya Kaya" bule gila!

The man named Francois. Born and lived in France, but the horrendous world of cyberspace Indonesia. Excited, because she sang the song with a funny-speaking Indonesian. The song was uploaded to the virtual world.

see the video klik di sini

Java Rockin Land 2010 Jakarta Indonesia

Gudang Garam Java Inter Music Rockin Land held again at Carnival Beach, Ancol, Jakarta, Friday through Sunday (8-10/10) night. The festival, highlighted by dozens of bands in and outside the country has featured some headliners such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Stereophonics, Mutemath, Wolfmother, Stryper, Arkarna, and so forth.

Kelly Jones from Stereophonics. This band from Wales to produce maximum sound.
Ollie, vocalist Arkarna, endlessly grateful to the enthusiastic crowd greeted the band from Australia.

Arkarna vocalist had the audience taking pictures with his mobile phone from the stage, and upload the picture on his Twitter account.

Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

20 Most Influential Women Youngest Forbes Version

1. Lady GaGa (24)
2. Danica Patrick (28)
3. Serena William (28)
4. Beyonce Knowles (29)
5. Gisele Bundchen (30)
6. Venus Williams (30)
7. Chelsea Handler (35)
8. Angelina Jolie (35)
9. Stephenie Meyer (36)
10. Heidi Klum (37)
11. Rachel Maddow (37)
12. Ratu Rania Al Abdullah (40)
13. Sheryl Sandberg (41)
14. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (42)
15. Rachel Ray (42)
16. Jing Ulrich (43)
17. Marina Berlusconi (44)
18. Tory Burch (44)
19. Sallie Krawcheck (45)
10. Sarah Jessica Parker (45)

Lady Gaga

Pop star 24-year-old who just moments ago stating that he is the reincarnation of her aunt who had died was also reportedly spent 30,000 pounds to an electromagnetic field detector to detect the region around the Gaga. Not to mention the £ 40,000 to hire a chemist from NASA.
Of course, not a difficult case for GAGA to spend all this ghost eviction costs, given the normal GAGA spend money in large quantities, including £ 500,000 to hire a private jet used to send all the equipment and costumes. And of course, the biggest, the castle in England which will soon be bought.

Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

kembali seperti semula

akhirnya kita bisa kembali tertawa seperti dulu! ngomong sama sama lagi! setelah 6 bulan yg lalu kita putus  dan semenjak itu boddo diemin jelek! denger boddo ketawa itu aja udah buat jelek senang banget! meskipun sekarang kita cuma temenan! boddo jelek masih cinta boddo! kita sama sama mencintai tapi kenapa harus pisah? terlalu indah untuk dilupakkan :D apapun yang terjadi "JELEK akan selalu mencintai "BODDO"

Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010

Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta Indonesia

This unique area made up of hundreds of small islands (hence so exaggerated 'Thousand Islands'), is a must for divers from Jakarta. Of the various islands, some of the famous Big Island kotok, kotok Island Small, CoralHunchback, Sepa Island and Island Pantara.
Pulau Seribu is easy to achieve, you just need to hire a speedboat from Marina or boat fishing from one of the ports. Only about one or two hours from Jakarta, you will be able to dive as much. Some of the larger islandsprovide better accommodation class resorts and villas, but you need to rent a boat to reach the small islands - where the reefs are beautiful!

Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta



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