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Senin, 11 April 2011

Indonesia 'to Buy 16 T-50 Trainer Jets from Korea'

Indonesia is to purchase 16 T-50 supersonic trainer jets from Korea, the daily Seputar Indonesia reported Sunday. Indonesian Air Force Chief of Staff Imam Sufaat said on the day that Jakarta will purchase the Golden Eagle supersonic trainer jets and form a separate fighter squadron.

His comments came after the head of Indonesia's Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a ceremony on Saturday marking the 65 anniversary of the country's air force that efforts to bolster it would continue.

However, Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration said Sunday it has not received any notification from Indonesia.
The planned deal suffered a setback last month when Korean spies were caught snooping around in the hotel room of an Indonesian delegation here to discuss arms purchases.

The T-50 was developed jointly by Korea Aerospace Industries and Lockheed Martin and completed its maiden flight in 2002.

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