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Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Saman Dance

Tari Saman dance is one of the most famous dance in Indonesia. This dance originated from the Central Highlands. Saman use of Arabic poetry and the language of Aceh. In the past, Tari Saman is usually displayed to celebrate the event - a significant milestone inindigenous and people of Aceh. In addition, this dance is usuallyalso displayed to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. Infact the name "Samantha" is obtained from one of the greatscholars of Aceh, Syech Saman.
Saman dance is usually displayed using the accompaniment ofmusical instruments, a drum and use the sound of the dancers andtheir applause is usually combined with hitting the chest and groin, and flung them as synchronization body in different directions. This dance is guided by a leader who is typically called Syech.Because of the uniformity of formation and punctuality is a must inthese dances, the dancers are required to have a highconcentration and a serious exercise in order to appear perfectly.This dance is performed in groups, singing by sitting on his kneesand berbanjar / bersaf without musical accompaniment.
Because of dynamic motion, this dance a lot dibawak / danced bymen, but now the development of this dance has been danced bymany female dancers as well as a mixture between male dancersand female dancers. This dance is danced about 10 people, withdetails of 8 dancers and 2 as cue givers while singing.

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