Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Matt Lanter fails so Edward cullen

Matt Lanter is much loved in the 90210 girls apparently still not looking for a producer Twilight Saga, who was looking for actors for the character Edward Cullen.

When the show on the Hallmark TV channel to show "Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer", Monday (11/10), Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, host of the show, Matt asked, "Have you ever tried to 'Twilight'? For the role as Edward Cullen? "

"Yes, actually I've tried," Matt replied.

So, why the 27-year-old actor who had failed to get a handsome role eventually won by Robert Pattinson is?

"Yes, he said I was not 'quite handsome and charming'," explains Matt.

According to Alexis Stewart, was also host of the show was, "You're much more handsome than him (Robert Pattinson), perhaps because of it you do not get that role." what about you?

sumber : http://id.omg.yahoo.com/news/matt-lanter-pernah-ikut-audisi-quottwilightquot-tapi-gagal-karena-quotkurang-cakepquot-ryx5-48806.html

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