Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

10 Indonesian Film will be show in Denmark

Garin Nugroho, Indonesia and nine films selected present at the Indonesian Film Festival that was held Embassy in Copenhagen in collaboration with Art Consultant / Festival Director Torsten Hvas, Danish Film Institute, Danish Center for Cultural Development

Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark, Abdul Rahman Saleh said in his speech said the Indonesian film festival that was held the first time aims to introduce the film Indonesia's rapid development in Denmark. In addition, while Indonesia's cultural diversity is reflected in the choice of films to be broadcast.
n Addition to the above two films, the films selected from Various genres That aired During the two weeks since May. 6 Including  "Opera Jawa" . "Perempuan punya Cerita" . "The Blue Generation" . "Pintu Terlarang" . "Arisan" . QUICKY EXPRESS and JANJI JONI

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